Solberg mégis DS3 WRC-vel versenyezhet jövőre?

Bár korábban a Citroën Racing vezetője, Olivier Quesnel úgy nyilatkozott, hogy mindössze négy Citroën DS3 WRC-t tudnak jövőre a rali világbajnokságon indítani, a Citroën norvég importőre nem adta fel a reményt, hogy ilyen autót szerezzen Petter Solbergnek.

A 2003-as világbajnok két éve versenyez Citroënnel, amelynek igen komoly hatása volt a skandináv ország piacára. A Citroën ez alatt 67%-kal növelte eladásait, és minden követ megmozgatnak, hogy ne veszítsék el országuk elsőszámú versenyzőjét.

„Nehéz megmondani, hogy ez csak a Petterrel (Solberg) folytatott együttműködésünk eredménye-e, de ő nagyon fontos a számunkra” – mondta Oystein Johansen, a Citroën Norvégia marketing vezetője.

„Petternek nagyon jó érzéke van az emberekhez, mindenkire van ideje. Olyan, mintha családtag lenne, ezért van rá szükségünk.”

A norvég Citroën importőr tehát keményen nyomul a gyárnál, hogy jövőre a négy gyári versenyző mellett Solberg is kaphasson DS3 WRC-t, és ne kelljen Fordra váltania.

Ennek akadálya lehet még, hogy a Citroën valószínűleg nem akarja kiadni WRC-it privát csapatoknak, csak a gyár kezelheti őket. Így viszont nem csak autóból kellene több gyártania a franciáknak, de az infrastruktúrát is növelniük kellene.

Ha viszont ez ilyen komoly eladásokat eredményez, érdemes megfontolni.

Foto: Brilliant Driver Program

Brilliant Driver Program – Why is a pre-season test important? And why do you need three of them?

As in most sports, karting is also about pre-season preparation. That’s why the Brilliant Driver Program team has prepared three themed tests for the season opener. 

With four drivers in three categories, the Brilliant Driver Program – BDP Team – will be competing in this year’s Hungarian and international karting championships. 

Last year Balázs Juráncsik competed in the SeniorMax category, this year he switched to DD2. 

Marci Fally will start his second season in JuniorMax, while his younger brother, last year’s MiniMax Hungarian champion Markó Fally will move up a category and continue in JuniorMax. All three will focus on the international series, especially the Central European Rotax Max Challenge (CEE).

Foto: Brilliant Driver Program

Joining the BDP Team this year is Marcus Papp from Sweden, who will compete in MiniMax in the Hungarian championship. 

„Preparation at the beginning of the year is also very important in karting,” said Róbert Kurgyis, team manager of the BDP Team. – Three of our four drivers changed categories, so we had to prepare even more thoroughly. 

We started testing in January in Jesolo. Here we were lucky with the weather, as the wet track required less effort from the drivers, which made it easier for them to learn. 

Foto: Brilliant Driver Program

This was followed by a test in Kecskemét, which was specifically designed to give our drivers a more serious fitness session on the dry asphalt. All of them have a fitness programme, but kart racing requires special muscles that can almost only be acquired through karting. 

Our third test was again in Jesolo, a week before the CEE Bonus Cup. Here we were in the final phase of preparation. We tried several settings on each kart. It is important to rely on the feedback of the drivers as well as the stopwatch. The whole programme was set up so that there was always progress by the end of the day. And at the end of the three-day test, all four of our drivers got out of the kart feeling satisfied and motivated. 

Balázs Juráncsik has made good progress and I think we can even fight for victory in DD2 with him. 

Foto: Brilliant Driver Program

Marci Fally and Markó Fally have also made a lot of progress. They are two very talented youngsters. Marci is getting a better lead in JuniorMax. Markó had a successful year in MiniMax last year, this year he will have a big challenge in JuniorMax, but he is making serious progress. I expect a good performance from both of them in qualifying. With them we are aiming for continuous improvement. 

Marcus Papp was with us for the two tests in Jesolo. He has previously competed in the Swedish championship. He still has a lot to learn, but he is a very intelligent and determined driver who shows a tremendous desire to improve. He’s got better and better at every entry. He will take part in two more tests in Kecskemét before the Hungarian Championships. 

In Jesolo, the BDP team was strengthened by Bertold Bors, who had a good result in DD2 at the Grand Finals last year. This time he was not a driver but a mechanic and coach. In the Brilliant Driver Programme we want to train complex drivers, and Berti’s introduction in a different role was part of this. He has done a very good job and we hope to see him in a racing overall as soon as possible.

Fotó: Brilliant Driver Program // Krózser Menyhért

It was a great pleasure for us that while he was testing for BDP Team in Jesolo, Brilliant Driver Program driver Menyhért Krózser was doing a great job in the WSK Super Master Series in Franciacorta. We would like to congratulate him.” 

The BDP Team’s first race of the year will be in Jesolo from 23-25 February, where Balázs Juráncsik (DD2), Marci Fally (JuniorMax) and Markó Fally (JuniorMax) will compete in the CEE Bonus Cup.